We provide socio-cultural, policy and legal advice on establishing and achieving gender equality targets. Our unique comprehensive approach to gender in the workplace covers a wide range of issues including:

  • Gender Pay Gap

  • Leadership Representation

  • Gender Balance Throughout the Company

  • Maternity and Paternity Leave

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Gender Sensitive Language

  • LGBTI+ Rights Integration

  • Harassment Free Work Culture




Designed for Executive level, Board and HR, our workshops explore gender analysis as a powerful tool. Participants undergo a process, learning how to recognise, interact and utilise the gender element in the workplace to create a progressive, inclusive and diverse organisational culture and policies.


  • Introduction to Gender and Business - A short presentation on current gender-related issues and challenges in your industry, their root causes, and how to address them for the benefit of your business.

    Duration: One hour with half an hour for discussion afterwards.
    Suitable for: Executive level and HR

  • Gender and HR - Designed to equip participants with a foundational understanding of gender-related HR issues, legal liabilities and policy solutions.

    Duration: Full day
    Suitable for: HR staff and Management

  • Gender and Business Leadership - Designed to provide an analytical gender framework to support decision making and problem-solving processes.

    Duration: Half day
    Suitable for: Executive level and Board  


Price: By agreement



One-to-one and small group training and mentoring on the gender aspect of business management and decision making. Designed to equip business leaders with a comprehensive integrated understanding of the gender dimension in their work and how to utilise gender analysis as a business tool, increasing efficiency, employee satisfaction and profit.


Providing a wider gender context and exploring issues such as basic gender concepts, core values and ethics, strategy (re)evaluation and emerging trends, based on qualitative and quantitative data.


Duration: By agreement

Suitable for: Executive level and Board

Price: Hourly rate




Designing gender-sensitive workplace codes and policies that are specific to your business. Being an innovative leader in gender consultancy sector, we establish our work on the COMBI (Communication for Behavioral Impact) approach for businesses, resulting in the creation of our unique product:

  • Gender Sensitive Code of Conduct and Ethics - A tailor-made document designed for your companies' needs and targets set to achieve gender equality. Click HERE for our most recent example.


Duration: By agreement

Suitable for: Executive level and HR

Price: Hourly rate




Advising on your national, regional and international commitment to gender equality. Our legal support is designed to address your companies’ full scope of activity, including country of origin and operational countries’ legislation, on gender equality and anti-discrimination.

Some of the frameworks and guidelines we work with are:

  • Gender-based obligation under United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • UK Equality Act, and it’s following precedents and developments

  • UN Human Rights Global LGBT Standards for Business

  • Gender quotas at boards and management level and best practices case studies


Duration: By agreement

Suitable for: Executive level and HR

Price: Hourly rate